What's the Matter With Kansas is now a film

Thomas Frank’s What’s the Matter With Kansas was one of the smartest and most provocative books to appear during the George W. Bush presidency. Kansas, the author’s home state, tended to vote Democratic until a few decades ago, when Republican strategists started figuring out how to exploit social issues for electoral gain. According to Frank, Kansans began turning their back on sensible policies–ones that would actually benefit their lives, and that were supported by Democrats–and began voting for Republicans who emphasized the unwinnable fights against abortion rights, gay marriage, and so forth. Pointing to the swift deterioration of the state’s financial situation over the last few decades, Frank argued that conservatives have hoodwinked Kansans into voting against their own economic interests.

The book has now been turned into a documentary by Laura Cohen and Joe Winston. The trailer is below; a release date apparently hasn’t been set yet.