Sell your energy savings?

While many of us buy carbon offsets and similar products from companies like Terrapass and NativeEnergy to achieve “carbon neutrality,” producing and selling these credits has generally been limited to bigger players. Earth Aid Enterprises, creators of the Earth Aid Kit,  would like to change that equation. A new service from the company allows Earth Aid to measure residential energy usage, and pay consumers for savings by bundling energy reductions, and selling them on the carbon credit market.

I discussed the program yesterday with Managing Partner Ben Bixby, and he repeated the phrase “democratizing carbon markets” several times. “We’d like to help homeowners become stakeholder in the carbon markets,” said Bixby. “We need many people taking action to address challenges like climate change, and we believe that our new product will create additional incentives for individuals and families to take quick steps towards reducing their own energy use.”

While carbon markets can be volatile, Bixby believes that the opportunity to earn money from savings will work well in conjunction with local, state and federal tax incentives to create demand for solutions ranging from weatherization and insulation to renewable energy systems. The new product may even spur some friendly competition, as users can allow “friends” on the system to see their energy use and savings.

The system’s in public beta, but Bixby told me they’ve been pleasantly surprised by the level of interest already. Take a look, and consider signing up (it’s free).

And, if you’re thinking “carbon markets? WTF?” has a (relatively) simple explanation available.