Scientists debunk beer goggles theory

photo by two dolla

Turns out you can no longer blame booze the next time you wake up in a coyote ugly situation. In fact, researchers at the University of Leicester in England found that drinking alcohol actually reduces the attractiveness of the opposite sex. Participants in the study, in various stages of intoxication, were shown photos of people and asked to rate their attractiveness. The results also showed that alcohol and make-up barely affect a man’s ability to guess a woman’s age.

This evidence will probably not be convincing to anyone who has woken up with a raging hangover and a debilitating sense of regret regarding the homely stranger snoring next to them in bed (and yes, this goes for both men and women). But perhaps what the study in fact tells us is that alcohol doesn’t make us believe we’re going home with a hottie — it just makes us care less. Which is actually kind of sweet, if you think about it: Alcohol makes us slower to judge and less susceptible to a pretty face. We’ll drink to that!

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