Said In Bed: as awkward as the act

Photo: camiodefractal

In our fantasies, dirty talk is always perfectly executed–suave, sexy, and just the right amount of funny. In the real world, though… not so much. And don’t even get us started on the things people say after they’ve done the deed.

Said In Bed peers into the awkward, horrifying, and occasionally endearing world of pillow talk, cataloging the things we say between the sheets. Submissions range from the amusing (“Wow. Did you go to pussy college?”) to the awkward (“Why won’t you take off your skirt? What do you have, an abortion scar or something?”) to the painful (“Your stretchmarks really disturb me. They’re like signs of violence. I think we need to talk about this before we can make love.”) and even sweet (“I love doing pumpum with you,” she told me.). Individually, each selection might be just a throwaway story about a former love (or lust), but collectively, they create a fascinating picture of what’s going down when we’re getting down.