Rock It Green: 3 musical acts with an environmental message

Sure, you’ve heard about environmental efforts by Jack Johnson, Pearl Jam, and Neil Young. But Eco Elvis? That’s right, babuh: a handful of lesser-known acts have gone “all green all the time,” with music focused on lightening their (and our) footprint on the planet.

Eco Elvis: “Born” in 1997, this Kansas City-based Elvis impersonator has reworked some of the King’s classics into green-themed hip-shakers, including “Burning Globe” and “Viva Las Vegans.” Check out his music and more at

Recycleman and the Dumpster Divers: This Portland, Oregon-based band focuses on educating kids about the environment with original songs such as “Milk Jug Stomp” and “Save It, Don’t Pave It.” More song titles, a tour schedule, and band bios are all available at

Shake Your Peace!: Based in San Francisco’s Mission District, these folkies don’t just practice “sustainable musicianship,” but also tour on bicycles, and use audience power to run their PA system. Music and more at

Know of other musicians who have dedicated their careers to environmental stewardship? Let us know in the comments…

Image credit: Shake Your Peace and Mark Johnson