Plazm – design magazine meets design firm

Plazm is one of those beautiful art and design magazines that is filled from cover to cover with eye-catching imagery and letter forms to lust over. It has featured people like David Byrne, Yoko Ono, Iggy Pop, Milton Glaser, and Todd Haynes. The SF MoMA has made the entire catalog part of their permanent collection. So why, in all of its 18 years, has it never made any money?

Such is the lament of independent publishers. You take something that’s interesting and important and sexy-looking and you give it to people and no one buys it. Well, some people buy it, but not enough to make a living. Rather than cave, the editors of Plazm created Plazm Design, ranked by ID magazine “as one of the world’s 40 most influential design firms.” The magazine was originally created “by a group of artists dissatisfied with the avenues of expression available to them,” and now that Plazm has successfully filled that void, no one is willing to give it up no matter how little sense it makes financially. It’s reassuring to know that in a time when money seems to mean everything, there are still some places it doesn’t.

Plazm Magazine: