Nine Lives: LA artists at the Hammer

How could this not be a good idea? Let’s take nine of the world’s most ambitious, prolific, talented, and hard working artists (all from LA, in this case) and invite them to come together and bring whatever work they want to show. This is one of those shows I could rant on about, like Victoria Reynolds’ stunning meat portraits, or Llyn Foulkes pop culture mash ups, or Jeffrey Vallance’s selections from “Blinky, the Friendly Hen” (a childhood favorite), but it’s really better for me to shut up and for you to just see the show for yourself.

Nine Lives March 8 – May 31, 2009 at The Hammer Museum, featuring work by Lisa Anne Auerbach, Julie Becker, Llyn Foulkes, Charles Irvin, Hirsch Perlman, Victoria Reynolds, Kaari Upson, Jeffrey Vallance, and Charlie White.

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