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If only most adults were as smart about sex ed as this 14 year old from Gloucester, Mass (home of the rumored 17 Pregnant Girls “Pact” last year).

We’re guessing Bush and Cheney won’t take credit for the recent loosening of sexual mores in the Middle East.

After talk of a ban, bikini waxing is still legal in New Jersey, for now. Unfortunately, so are animal prints.

Let’s play gay-marriage ping pong! The Vermont Senate passed a gay marriage bill last week, shot it over to the House where it passed yesterday, now it’s in Governor Jim Douglas’s court where he’s expected to veto it, but that move could be overridden by the Legislature as soon as Tuesday with a two-thirds vote. Go, gay marriage, go!

Meanwhile, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who got it wrong by voting for the Defense of Marriage Act back in the nineties, has seen the light and is now in favor of same-sex marriage.

The first cut could be the safest: a new study of sexually active men in Brazil, Mexico and the U.S. finds circumcision to be associated with a reduced risk of HPV.

New York Press’s Johnny Leather says that Asobi Seksu’s new album Hush is the perfect soundtrack for your next booty call. Apparently “Asobi Sesku” is Japanese slang for casual sex.

Did you know that April 15, 2009 is Same Sex Kiss Day? Well you do now! You’ve got a week and a half to find someone to buss. Hey, it’s better than stressing out about the other thing you have to do on that day.

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