Music video resurgence – Department of Eagles

Award-winning director Patrick Daughters and artist Marcel Dzama teamed up to create the music video for the Department of Eagles single “No One Does It Like You” from In Ear Park (2008), which premiered on March 24th at MoMA as part of their PopRally series. The night included a Q&A between Dzama and Daughters and assistant curator Sarah Suzuki followed by a live performance by the band.

Daughters, whose music videos for artists like Feist, Beck, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, has solidified his reputation as one of the premier music video directors working today. His direction, along with Dzama’s creative input, proved that the music video genre, which has degenerated into little more than an occasional blip on YouTube since being shunned by MTV, is still a viable art form. Dzama’s art direction and costume design featured a few of the characters that fans of his work will recognize. His concept is two clashing armies, one of elegant ballerinas, the other “clumsy, old-time WWI soldiers. The two battle and, in the end, they kill each other and become ghost creatures,” which are certainly on cue with the haunting quality of Daniel Rossen’s vocals.

Rossen (who is well on his way to becoming the next Paul Simon) and the rest of the band (Fred Nicolaus, Chris Bear, and Matthew Million) are fresh from SXSW, where their performances garnered stellar reviews. And yes, we all know that two of the above mentioned musicians are also members of another, respected indie band, but for once let’s keep that separate and allow DOE to stand in their own, well-earned spotlight as they continue to prove themselves as more than just a side project but a bona fide band in their own right.