Interview: Don DeLillo talks about Underworld

If you search YouTube for videos of Don DeLillo, you won’t find much. The author of White Noise and Underworld is not a public man, and he rarely does tours or events. But an enterprising fan known as the Donologist has been uploading DeLillo radio interviews to YouTube. The presentation of these interview clips leaves something to be desired; the interviews are audio only, so the Donologist simply slaps a static photo onto the screen while the audio plays. (You can start playing the video and then switch to another window or browser tab while DeLillo speaks.) These interviews contain some great material about Underworld, one of DeLillo’s masterpieces, as well as lesser recent works such as Cosmopolis and The Body Artist.

Here, in an interview that was probably recorded in 1997, DeLillo talks about the then newly released Underworld with Michael Sliverblatt, the host of the KCRW show Bookworm:

The Donologist’s YouTube channel is here.

[via Don DeLillo's America, the definitive DeLillo resource.]