Eye-catching: The Monocle Shop in LA

Following the success of its London location, Tyler Brûlé brings his marketing savvy to Santa Monica where the second Monocle Shop opens today. The 115 sq ft store will serve as both a retail space and branding mechanism for the revered magazine, all 22 issues of which are sold alongside international designer collaborations from the likes of Comme des Garcons, Porter, and Artek. When retail spaces all over the country are scaling back this might seem like poor timing, but Brûlé’s audacity might just do the trick. The increased advertising Monocle has seen this year may be proof that print isn’t quite yet dead, and it looks as if Brûlé is set to prove the retail economy wrong as well—he’s already scouting more locations in NY and Tokyo.

The Monocle Shop, 225 26th St., 19b, Santa Monica