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Earth Week Entertainment: "Swimming with the Polar Bears"

Lots of activities all over the US this week in celebration of Earth Day, but if you’re in New York, and looking for something to do after the recycling demonstrations and green product pitches, you may want to check out Swimming with the Polar Bears. In this one-man show, veteran stage actor Mel England (Israel Horowitz’s 3 Weeks after Paradise, his own Navajo Memoirs, and others) juxtaposes threats to his own survival (child abuse, HIV, and cancer) with environmental challenges such as species extinction and climate change.

Described as a “funny, poignant, and devastatingly personal look” at global environmental issues, the show combines England’s performance with music by Thomas Silcott, and video and photographs by by National Geographic’s Tristan Bayer.

A three-night run begins tonight at the Bleecker Street Theatre. All three performances will benefit The Climate Project, which will also have one of its trained presenters on hand to deliver Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth slide show.