Earth Day TV: Simran Sethi on Oprah Tomorrow

While watching television may not be a major part of your Earth Day plans, we do recommend you take a hour tomorrow to check out The Oprah Winfrey Show. THE GREEN‘s Simran Sethi will be on to discuss how incorporating eco-friendly practices into your lifestyle can both help save the planet, and help save you money in these tough economic times. This topic isn’t just practical; it’s also one Simran’s focused on in multiple venues.  Check out the interview below with The Green Collar Economy author (and Obama administration “green jobs czar”) Van Jones below for a preview of the ideas that will likely get some play tomorrow.

Of course, you can also check out Simran’s work right here at Her web series The Good Fight provides an inside look at environmental justice issues. You may find the segments on Greensburg, Kansas’ transformation into a green community particularly relevant, as the second anniversary of the tornado that destroyed the town is just around the corner. For more information on events marking the anniversary, check out Greensburg Greentown.

And don’t forget — if you’re watching TV tonight, don’t miss the premiere of the third season of THE GREEN.