Don't be caught dead reading that

photo: Clever Covers

You read the New York Times weekend edition cover to cover; you spice up cocktail party conversation by quoting Proust and Kant; you adore obscure indie shorts on You’re an intellectual who never shies away from metaphysical debates or multi-syllabic words. BUT…you’ve got a deep dark secret:  you’re addicted to trashy romance novels or, worse, you read Playboy — and not for the articles! Don’t worry, your secret is safe on the commute home with Clever Covers — book and magazine covers to hide your private shame while making you seem erudite. The book-size cover is titled “Complete Japanese for International Business” and the magazine-size cover is “Advanced Quantum Physics” (8 Canadian dollars each). But be warned: You’re on your own if you get hit on by a Japanese PhD candidate or Henry Stapp. (Look it up.)

[via Better Living Through Design]

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