De-luxe bags du jour

Three unique luxury bags that I guarantee you won’t see in Chinatown. Actually, on second thought, impossibly accurate imitations of the first bag below might appear on Canal Street for Free 99 sooner than you think.

Coming to a Chanel store near you is this bag that’s so meta, fashionistas’ spring season brains may explode. Typically you walk into a store, select something, and the trim and hip sales clerk, after swiping your plastic, carefully places the item inside the store bag and hands your purchase over to you. For some women and brands, that store bag itself has established a certain cachet and chicness. Capitalizing on that, some clever designer at Chanel had an “Eureka!” moment and produced the Chanel leather shopping bag. [Via]

Extend a big middle finger to the global economic meltdown with this gold rucksack from Billionaire Boys Club. Only four available, at $1,650 each. [Via]

If the lifestyle of the people who can afford the aforementioned bags are beyond your plebe means, here’s an attainable and affordable Hermes bag. Yes, you read that correctly. Affordable Hermes. Head over to their website, download, print, cut out, and then glue together a paper version of their famous Kelly bag. DIY luxury! [Via]

Lastly, we can’t talk about bags without this iconic, ubiquitous (and decidedly “un-green”) bag modeled here by fashionable Sarah Bernstein, an executive assistant at The Weinstein Company.