Bodylicious: because food tastes better on someone naked

We may never be fortunate–or decadent–enough to have the opportunity to eat sushi off of nubile, naked body; but at least Hiroshi Tsunoda’s Bodylicious gives us a chance to pretend that we are, in fact, that cool.

The set of three ceramic trays join together to create the form of a nude body, one perfectly designed to serve your sushi (or whatever other treats you might like to indulge in). Bodylicious comes in two designs: X, which is white ceramic and in the shape of a lady, and y, which is black ceramic and in the shape of a man. You are, of course, welcome to mix and match the pieces–you just haven’t lived until you’ve eaten sushi off of a biracial, pre-op MTF.

[Available at Desing Code, via Violet Blue]

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