Best green jobs list: Online Outreach Intern

One of President Obama’s recurring themes is the creation of a green economy that will put America back to work. Creating this economy means conservation, sustainable energy and most importantly, green jobs. It is a great time to start a career or change your life by getting a green job. The best green jobs list will be an ongoing series of blog posts that explore the various professions available for green job seekers, from those just starting out in the workforce to more experienced professionals.

In order for this green revolution to take place, people in America and across the world need to start training themselves for green jobs. All the government and corporate money in the world cannot fix the climate change problem unless people step up and join the green labor force. This is where you come in.

Online Outreach Intern – It may be unpaid, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. Companies hiring for this position look for someone with an internet connection, proficiency with internet browsers, the ability to write, and most importantly, an enthusiasm for social networking on the internet. In these types of internships, you will write blog posts, comment on blogs and discussion forums, and send people emails regarding their green efforts, hoping to find new customers for your firm or discovering new resources for your firm to exploit.

Growing firms generally need new outreach efforts each quarter, trying to expand their customer base; internships bear a negligible cost, so using them for outreach efforts can cut costs considerably. All this adds up to a decent chance that you can get in the front door of the firm you want to work at. Knowing the people in this firm and most importantly doing a good job during the internship will give you a leg up at getting a salaried position later.

While these are unpaid positions, this particular green job deserves to be first on the list because it requires a minimum of specialized skills and is a stepping stone into the larger green movement. You might want to consider this route if you have a cushion or are on unemployment. This job can also be done remotely in many cases, which is a potential plus.

Finding these internships can take some patience, but you can start by finding a list of green firms and then obtaining contact information for the firms you want to target. You might even be able to convince the firm in question to start an internship program. A company called UrbanGoGreen listed a position like this recently. Check them out if you are interested.