Beautiful decay: the art of Nate Hill

Don’t let the term ‘rogue taxidermist’ confuse you. Nate Hill is nothing less than an artist, his materials are just less common. Instead of paint, Hill rummages through the dumpsters of New York’s Chinatown at night for discarded animal parts which he uses for his projects. Projects is intentionally vague, since his work ranges from taxidermied animal composites preserved in jars to life-sized interpretations of Adam and Eve (yes, made entirely, almost repulsively, out of dead animals) to community events like the Human Petting Zoo, Fish ‘n’ Chicks, and Bouncy Rides. The next Bouncy Ride can be had at the Lorimer L stop on April 16 from 10-11pm.

You can see a calendar of events at the Club Animals blog.