All Chicago's a Stage

If you were in Chicago last week and heard an inordinate amount of huzzah’s, to be or not to be’s, or do you bite your thumb at me’s, it’s because Mayor Daley declared last Thursday “Talk Like Shakespeare Day.” In honor of the bard’s 445th birthday, Daley invited “citizens to screw their courage to the sticking place” and let loose a hearty fie or knave, a fitting tribute to the man whose contributions to the English language falls just short of 2,000 words (words you might expect from his plays like bloodstained and besmirch, or words as banal as luggage and skim milk. Of course it’s no surprise that he created elbow, a member of the elite cellar door list).

For those who didn’t geek out on The Collected Works in school, Daley’s literary team provided a how-to guide to get you started on your merry way, like “When wooing lads, dress up like a man.” It worked for Viola/Cesario (and Portia and Jessica and Rosalind), who will be played by Anne Hathaway in The Public Theater’s production of Twelfth Night for Shakespeare in the Park this summer. Directed by Daniel Sullivan, who won the Tony Award for his direction of Proof in 2001, with Michael Cumpsty, Raúl Esparza, Audra McDonald,David Pittu, and Jay O. Sanders, Twelfth Night runs June 10 – July 12.