When It Comes to Casual Sex, Men Have It Worse. So Do Women.

photo by hmk

For as long as women have talked about sex over cocktails, they have complained about the double-standard of casual boot-knocking: The more he does it, the more his buddies high-five him; the more she does it, the more her “friends” whisper behind her back about what a slut she is.

But apparently these days, it’s the men who are drowning their sorrows over beer (or at least they would be if they sat around and talked about this sort of thing): A new Canadian study finds that society actually accords men less “sexual latitude” than women. Men are considered weird if they’re not into sex, if they indulge in a gay fantasy, or if they’re interested in submissive sexual acts. In other words, they’re supposed to want it all the time… but they shouldn’t want it too kinky (and god forbid they should enjoy the occasional pinkie up the bum). Whereas the opposite is expected of women.

Unfortunately the study also found that the original playas vs. sluts double-standard is still alive and well — yes, he might still be bothered by the fact that she’s got more notches on her bedpost. Turns out the playing field has only been evened in the sense that now everyone can feel stymied in bed. Yay, progress!

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