Online Hookup Tracking

The internet has given us tools to track virtually every aspect of our lives—so really, it was only a matter of time until someone thought to create an online tool to help track hookups. Well, someones, actually—there are at least two websites devoted to helping you document what goes down every time you get hot and heavy.

Nookist (formerly MyBlackBook) approaches the task from a public health perspective. The site’s lingo is heavily-laden with words like “responsibility” and “risk”—and, once a user is logged in, the front page greets him or her with a meter indicating what level of risk their sexual behavior puts them at. Want to move the needle from red to green? Practice safer sex, limit your number of partners, and, of course, get tested (which n00kist will happily help you with—the site is set up to notify you when you’re in need of an STD test, as well as calculate your risk for various STDS).

Bedpost, on the other hand, has a more navel-gazing vibe, conducting an analysis of sexual stats for the sake of analysis alone. Rather than calculating risk, Bedpost merely calculates how often you’re doing it—and when, and for how long, and with whom, and how. Users input their sexual encounters into the database (along with stats on partner(s) and duration, as well as tags to describe what went on), and the site generates pretty graphs and pie charts, analyzing, what, exactly, is going down when you’re, er, getting down.

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