GREEN PORNO 2 Film Screening With Isabella Rossellini

Make sure to go out for a Movie Night with Isabella Rossellini.

Isabella Rossellini from Season 2 of GREEN PORNO

The legendary actress will be presenting her new GREEN PORNO 2 shorts and her father’s film THE FLOWERS OF ST. FRANCIS Wednesday, April 1 at 7pm.

The event will be held at the IFC Center Wednesday, located at 323 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10014. You can reach the Box Office at (212) 924-7771.

GREEN PORNO 2 follows the first season of Ms. Rossellini’s series of critically acclaimed films examining the sex lives of insects. This time, she turns the focus on a variety of aquatic creatures in six films that range from “Barnacle,” to “Starfish” and “Whale,” with Ms. Rossellini portraying the titular character.

Tickets for this very special event are $15 IFC Center members, $18 general admission.

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