Highly Evolved Sex Toys

Historically, sex toys haven’t been known for their beautiful design (unless you’re partial to jelly rubber and molded plastic genitals)—but over the past few years, that’s begun to change. One company that’s been leading the charge for sex toys that are both beautiful to look at and fun to use is Lelo, a Sweden-based operation that creates “pleasure objects” for both men and women (or, in the company’s parlance, “femme” and “homme.”).

Take, for instance, the Gigi: a slight, beautiful vibrator that looks more like something you’d find at the Apple store than at your local porn shop. Though it’s powerful enough to rev any girl’s engine, its dainty design makes it look like some innocent objet d’art—which could be why Lelo’s toys are now being stocked by Walgreens.

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