Five Tools for Tracking (and Lowering) Your Energy Use

Trying to keep the Carbon Cops at bay? Or, just want a lower electric bill? These five tools will help you identify the energy hogs in your life… and put them on a diet!

ENERGY STAR@Home: This interactive web tool takes you on a tour of a typical American home, points out the energy guzzlers, and suggests improvements you can make. I gave it high praise when it debuted. Cost: free.

The Kill-a-Watt: Want to find out which appliances and electronics are draining the most juice? The Kill-a-Watt is just one of several electricity monitors that can help you pinpoint the power hogs. Consumer Reports gave it a “thumbs up.” Cost: $25(ish)

The ScanGaugeII: When dividing the trip odometer by the number of gallons of gas you just bought won’t do, the ScanGaugeII provides a wide range of information on your car’s performance. Benjamin Jones, of, loves his. Cost: $169.95

The CO2 Saver: Any computer owner can reset his/her power settings; the CO2 Saver from performs this task for you, and also tracks the amount of carbon dioxide you’re saving with its adjustments. PC World likes it. Cost: free.

Car Care: This iPhone application will give you information on mileage and service work, and even remind you to change the oil, or put air in the tires. MacWorld thought it was the best of several apps in this category. Cost: $4.99.

Have we missed something good? Let us know in the comments.

Image credits: ladyada at Flickr under a Creative Commons license; ENERGY STAR