At the Helm – Mast Brothers Chocolate

Making chocolate isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work to make a little cocoa nib good enough to use, especially if your standards are as high as Rick and Michael Mast’s, the chocolate artisans behind Brooklyn-based operation Mast Brothers Chocolate. Brooklyn has seen a steady rise in the number of purveyors of farm-to-table goods, whether it’s meat, pickles, coffee or cheese, and the brothers Mast currently hold the title as the only bean to bar chocolate makers in New York City.

Rick Mast has worked under the veteran artist of all things sweet, Jacques Torres, who, like the Mast Brothers, never does things the easy way, just the right way. The cocoa they use is sourced from small farms in Madagascar, Venezuela, and Ecuador, and they do everything, the two of them, by hand, right down to affixing the Scotch tape on the fine, Florentine papers they use to wrap their chocolate. Having their own hand in the process is all part of a larger, community effort to produce quality, conscientiously made goods.

But aside from their ingredients and a whole lotta love, just what does separate their chocolate from the rest of the pack? Find out at one their chocolate-making classes, which are set to begin in early May at their factory in Brooklyn.

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