Using Eco-mmunity Map to Energize Your Community

If you are interested in using the network of green-conscious individuals on the internet to empower your community, then you may want to check out the Eco-mmunity Map. The Map allows you to make map markers for the resources in your community that can help people live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

For instance, a new Eco-mmunity member just added a marker for a company called “Smart House, LLC” []. This company specializes in planning and constructing energy-efficient modular housing. If you know somebody in your home town who wishes they could expand their house or are looking to get a new affordable house of their own, then you could use the “send to a friend” feature to share this interesting information with your friend. The “send to a friend” feature is a really great way for you to share a new marker with all your friends.

Another great and simple way to use Eco-mmunity Map is to do a little research on your home town. Is there an all-natural grocery store that has a lot of organic and healthy products in your neighborhood? Make a marker for it and you will be surprised how many people will take advantage of it.

What about public parks? Make a map marker for each one of your favorite camping grounds or hiking trails.

How about green utilities? Did you find out about a local wind farm and now you are buying your electricity from them? Make a map marker with the contact information for the wind farm company in question and send it to your friends so they too can use electricity that is good for the planet.

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