TUTORIAL: Advertising Your Business

Welcome to Eco-mmunity. This website aims to connect people to all the green resources in the world. Listing your business here is free and it can only help spread the word about the sustainable value of your goods and services.

Step One – Create a membership with Sundance Channel. Once you have logged in to your membership, click “My Profile” (in the upper right corner of the screen) whenever you want to access your membership, subscribe to newsletters, or add/edit map markers on Eco-mmunity Map.

Step Two – Create your first map marker for your business. This map marker will allow people to find your business when they come to Eco-mmunity Map. On your “My Profile” page click the link called “View/Add Green Map Markers.” The first question you are asked is what type of marker you should make. Select “Business or Organization.”

Step Three – Filling in data about your business.

- Title
This is the most important piece of data in the marker, as it is the first thing people will see when they open your marker. Your company name is a great start but you may want to add a dash and then a one to three word description of your business. Examples might be, “Sustainable Hardware Store,” “Green Groceries” or a full title might be “Big Mirror Solar Power – Supplying Nevada.”

- Marker Address
This is the location on the Google Map where your marker will exist. It should represent the location of your business so that your marker is in the correct location on the map. If your business does not have a physical location, you can put a general city, state location, like “Chicago, Illinois.” This information is private and cannot be viewed by any Eco-mmunity Member.

- Display Address
This is the public address that you can put as an easy reference for people in your area to find you.

- Contact Information
Email and/or Telephone information for your business

- Website
This crucial piece of information allows people on Eco-mmunity to navigate to your website, which should be directly related to your business.

- Please Tell Us About Your Business
This is your first spot to write a well-written and hopefully enticing description of why your company is great. Try to keep this section direct, assertive and short, about three to five sentences.

- What Kind of Green Products/Services Do You Offer?
This is a great place to start with a list of product/service categories which your business offers. Try to keep the categories broad. You may also wish to list one or two examples of your premier goods/services, and provide a moderate amount of textual description of them. Try not to write beyond three paragraphs if at all possible as you really want people to visit your website or contact you by phone/email.

- Marker Keywords
It is utterly crucial that you enter a few keywords into this field, as they will help people find your business when they search Eco-mmunity Map. Separate them with commas.

- [b]Select An Icon For Your Marker[b]
Pick a picture for your marker and click “Update Marker.”

Congratulations, you have joined Eco-mmunity and people will now be able to do business your company.