Simran Sethi On Huffington Post

Everybody’s favorite green host, Simran Sethi, is making the rounds on the Huffington Post, offering her journalistic skills in an effort to shine the light on a very important Government decision regarding the future of Kansas’ environment. Simran Sethi has hosted Sundance Channel’s THE GREEN [] in the past. Her other major contribution to Sundance Channel’s environmental work is Simran’s web exclusiive video series called THE GOOD FIGHT [].

Simran has just posted a blog on The Huffington Post, focusing on Kansas’ landmark decision to deny permits to two coal-fired power plants on the grounds that their carbon emissions would contribute to global climate change. A bill that would veto this decision is being debated in the Kansas state legislature this week and next, and the outcome will have major repercussions for each state’s ability to regulate polluting industries like Big Coal.

Simran Sethi’s Blog Post []

The environmental consequences of this decision are huge, but it seems that not many people even know it’s being made. In an effort to generate discussion about this important issue, we’d love to see your comments and opinions.

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