Simran Sethi Covers Kansas Coal

Simran Sethi interviews Rod Bremby, the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, who prevented Sunflower Electric from building multiple coal plants in Kansas on the basis of denying them permits to release CO2 pollution. As it turns out, Rod Bremby has been under a lot of pressure from coal industry lobbyists to overturn his previous decision.

Amazingly enough, this permit refusal is unprecedented in American energy politics. Other permits have been denied, but none of them solely on the basis of CO2 pollution and its negative effects on human health.

It is heartening to see a public official fighting for environmental rights. The public can reciprocate Rod Bremby’s courage by staying abreast of all the developments in the Kansas energy production industry. Sunflower Electric and other coal advocates are working hard to overturn Rod’s decision, lets all combine our voices and let them know they will not get away with it.

Read the complete interview between Simran Sethi and Rod Bremby of Kansas [].

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