New Green Kid's Toy and More…

The Annual Greener Gadgets Design Competition will be held on February 27th. Checking out this competition and voting on your favorite designs is an excellent way to see great green design.

One notable competitor this year would be a kid’s toy line called “Fastronauts.” These toys facilitate an active play style for your kid. The toys’ rechargeable batteries recharge when your child moves with the toy. This means your kids will be getting a workout simply making the toy work. The concept sets a new standard for ergonomic and active children’s toys. You can vote on this toy at the Greener Gadgets website [].

Other notable gadgets would be “Blight” which could be described as beautifully metallic Venetian Blinds. Not sure about the name of the product though, the word “blight” does conjure up something that does not bode well. This design creation combines the simplicity of timeless venetian blinds with small solar panels that are capable of producing electricity. These do not create a huge amount of electricity but they do end up paying for themselves eventually. You probably want to have blinds in your house anyways, so why not get one that serves a dual purpose?

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