Greening Your Home Town

Start a movement in your home town by setting up a blog about your green ideas and how they could make your neighborhood more concerned with protecting the environment.

Here are some questions to help you start thinking about ideas for your writing. What kinds of green friendly stores can you find in your town/city? Is there a green resource that your community is missing? If so, how do you think this green resource might enrich the experience of living in your community? Why are you interested in green topics? Do you have any habits in your home life or your work life that you would consider green habits? How do these habits make your local community a better place to live?

If you imagined your hometown as totally green 25 years from now, what would it look like? How would the buses operate? Would there be taxicabs? Would as many people be driving their cars to work or around town? Would your house be better insulated? Would you have solar panels attached to your garage roof? Do you think your town would have only organic food in the grocery stores? Which products that you enjoy now would not be around anymore because they are not green enough?

In order to make your town more green, what steps would you take in your community? Would you start a social club aimed towards helping the community at large participate in more sustainable, green practices? If you are leading your family or more people from your community to live a green lifestyle, do you have any stories about your experiences?

These are just a few starting questions to fuel your writing, hopefully they will spark totally new ways of writing about green topics.