Greener Gadgets: Eco-Neighbuzz – Community Intercom System

Greenest Gadgets Part Three

 This green gadget was submitted to the Greener Gadgets Design Competition of 2009 by Korhan Buyukdemirci of Finland.

This green gadget breaks the mold of most of other types of inventions. The Eco-Neighbuzz is a new take on an apartment intercom system. It is designed to expand interactions between each member of a larger community. In many cases, large apartment buildings can have hundreds of people living in them, or a road in the suburb can have 100 homes on it. In both of these circumstances, there is little to no communication between the people in the apartment building or the homes on the suburbian road.

The Eco-Neighbuzz’s design aims to connect these people together if they so wish. Basically it is like an intercom system that is linked up throughout an entire community. This means you can plan carpools, loan each other tools, trade tips on saving water, or just get to know your neighbors a little better.

While this gadget certainly would be bothersome to a lot of people, who place a high premium on their total privacy, the gadget could certainly be ignored much in the same way as a person chooses to ignore their phone when it rings.

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This intriguing gadget builds community.

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