Greener Gadgets: CompostAll

Greenest Gadgets Part Three

This green gadget was submitted to the Greener Gadgets Design Competition of 2009 by Frog Design of America.

Green gadgets, by their definition, are necessarily harmonious with the environment. We all know that composting food scraps is a timeless practice that dates back thousands of years. However, composting can be a dirty business, and few people have continued the practice. What if there were an easier way to do composting, one that involved a green gadget called CompostAll.

The CompostAll fits underneath your kitchen sink and attaches directly to the faucet on your waste water pipes. This means the CompostAll is ideal for double sink households, where all your non-organic waste is sent down one drain and everything organic goes down the drain connected to the CompostAll.

The CompostAll is easily removed and dumps into a larger compost bin in your garden. Additionally, a slickly metallic design finish gives the CompostAll a sleek appearance. There is also a countertop indicator light for when it is time to empty out the CompostAll. This device makes it much easier to do composting, and if you have a grinder in the drain, the time required to compost waste matter is dramatically reduced, as the scraps come preground.

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