Green Job Details

There has been ample discussion about the need for Green Jobs in the Obama Administration’s stated plans for the U.S. economy. What exactly is a green job?

If you boiled down the basic definition of Green Jobs, you would find the following maxim; a green job is any job where the environmental impact involved in the execution of the job is valued and upheld more so than any other aspect of the job. In simple English, this just means that a green job has a positive (or at least a neutral) effect on the environment.

This means that industries like construction have a potential for many green jobs. Creating sustainable buildings requires architects, construction workers, planners, and of course sustainable materials. Additionally, all the companies that make the materials used in sustainable projects also must create more green jobs in order to meet the increased demand for green buildings materials.

Green jobs can be found in the fields of journalism, design, print, computers, energy, food production, food retailing, heating and cooling, utilities and many more. An Act passed in 2007 can help you in finding your place in the new trend that is green jobs.

The Green Jobs Act of 2007 has created some federally guaranteed funds for the training of American workers who want to qualify for green jobs. You can find some decent detail about this Act here [].

Treehugger, a popular website about environmental issues, has a listing of green jobs [] that you might find useful.

If you are looking for more information about obtaining green jobs listing, the following post has many websites [] listed.