Green Furniture

Green furniture makes you and the planet more comfortable. Buying sustainable furnishings really makes a huge difference in your environment. Think of all the numberless materials that are required to make furniture, now imagine the pollution that would damage the environment if the materials were not harvested and made in a sustainable fashion.

There are some very useful websites and designers who sell and make green furniture respectively. [] provides a large variety of sustainably produced couches, beds, office equipment and more. One especially nice item would be this bamboo full canopy bed frame [].

IKEA is a titan in the furniture business, producing affordable but highly designed creations for every room in your house. Wouldn’t be great if these company started to trend more green? As it turns out, IKEA is building a new factory in the city of Danbridge in the United States. Hiring American workers and lessening environmental impact seems to good to be true, but read here [] for more details.