Final Words On Spectacle Season One

So, this is the end of the line for Spectacle’s inaugural season. It started with Elton John and wraps up with Smokey Robinson. They’ve had a few hits between them.

Elton and Smokey book-ended a veritable who’s who of singers, songwriters and giant personalities (including a President of the United States), thoughtful and passionate all about this thing we love – music.

The world would be a far duller, far colder and far poorer place without music, but thank god that’s not something I think we’ll ever have to contemplate. (We may have to make a few other adjustments in this crazy world, but unless we’re taken over by some sourpuss totalitarian grinch who imposes an ouright ban – and good luck on that one – music should survive.)

The idea of Spectacle was simply to shine a little light on music and the incredible people who make it – let them speak about it at some length, demonstrate what they’re talking about and perhaps collaborate with other musicians as the spirit moves them. Going in, we thought if we could create a forum for some kind of intelligent discourse about music, and help arrange or broker a few memorable performances, then we’d be happy. More importantly, if we could achieve that, we thought we could make people watching happy. I hope we succeeded to some degree.

I just want to take the opportunity to once again thank all of the gifted artists who graced us with their presence and were so generous with their time, their ideas and their music. It was a thrill and a privilege to be a part of the wonderful team that made this series – and I’d like to thank all of them again as well.

At the risk of turning this into a cross between a bad acceptance speech and the Sammy Maudlin show, if you don’t mind I just have to thank a few more people, starting with Elvis Costello, our indefatigable and endlessly curious host. Hats off. Thanks also to Elton John for his amazing support of Spectacle.

Thanks to the great team at Sundance Channel for their belief and enthusiasm, and to our fine sponsors Dell and Infiniti. Thanks to our friends at (RED). And, of course, thank you all for watching – and listening.

Stephen Warden
Executive Producer/Creator
Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…