Energy Efficient Home Lowers Utility Bill

Opening up your utility bills and getting slammed with three digit bill totals ruins at least one day a month for every home owner or renter.

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District and RJ Walter Homes decided to team up to make a model energy efficient home in Folsom, California. The result is a home with an estimated utility cost of only $25 a month for electric and gas combined. The project was such a wild success that the RJ Walter Homes entitled the house the “Home of the Future.”

The home was put onto the open market and sure enough, even in this dismal home buying market, one man was willing to pay the extra cost for the home because he realized the long term value of paying less for utilities. He also felt the quality of the house was excellent and appreciated that the home was made out of sustainable and recycled materials.

The home features a sophisticated central control mechanism that allows the home owner to adjust everything in the house with the touch of a button or a remote. The home features solar panels, water cooling and heating and features the latest insulation products.

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