Companies with Recycled/Environmentally-Friendly Products

Products made out of recycled or reused materials are really exciting from an environmental point of view. Usually, there is very little environmental cost to a recycled good, and virtually zero environmental cost for a reused good. Because these products are so great for the planet, and since it is sometimes hard to find these items, this post will list a few places where you can find recycled/reused products online.

Uncommon Goods [] – This vendor has many types of products listed, some good for the environment, some not so good. They do however, have a pretty large selection of recycled goods in their “recycled collection.” This online vendor has a physical location in Brooklyn, NY for those of you who live nearby the Big Apple.

Green Home Environmental Store [] – This online store features a plethora of environmentally sustainable products as well as a mixture of recycled products. They have been written up in the New York Times for their impressive array of goods.

MSN Green Shopping [] – You all know about MSN and their seemingly endless reach into everything on the internet, but did you know that they are also trying their hand at providing green centric information on their website? They have a number of products ready for your appraisal.

Great Green Goods [] – Great Green Goods is a self-professed “green shopping blog.” Blogs like this one are a great way to get a more personalized, and in-depth review of specific green products. Check this one out and you could try looking for more of them around the internet if you like what you find.

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