Can Environmentalism Be Fun?

Environmentalism may be necessary to the survival of life on planet Earth but does it have to be so boring? Many people are desperately trying to create an answer of “no” to this question, but delivering hilarious jokes about cow farts and bad breath that changes the climate can be challenging.

After a little bit of digging, a few funny sources of environmental comedy turned up.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, then you should check out the Grinning Planet website [], where they have some comic strips themed around environmental topics [] (even if loosely at times).

It seems that a good amount of environmental humor is told through the use of cartoons. This website [] collects together a couple of cartoons from Chris Madden, an English cartoonist.

THE DAILY SHOW has a funny segment posted on their website. It might just make you laugh. Find it here [].

In bringing you more posts about comedy in the world of environmentalism, we hope to make the subject as exciting as possible, come back and see new posts from the blog on Eco-mmunity Homepage []. Thanks again for joining us in THE GREEN BLOG.