Buy Green Electricity

Right now there are a number of government incentives for green energy power plant companies. These programs are designed to level the playing field between green energy companies and dirty companies such as coal, oil and nuclear energy companies. The Obama administration wants to increase the funding to these programs because they believe green energy has long term benefits to the U.S. economy.

There are many parts of the world and in the U.S. where green electricity is purchasable on the open market. We encourage you to look up your local electricity provider and ask them to switch you over to green energy. It can cost you a few extra dollars a month, but that extra investment will be doing your local community and the whole world a huge favor. In most cases you do not have to change your existing energy supplier, you just have to call them up and request that they sell you green electricity rather than dirty coal electricity.

In fact, it would be fantastic if the Obama administration would make a new tax credit that payed people back for all the green energy they consume each year. An idea like this actually seems possible now, which is great.

Join the green energy revolution today.