Featured Music: It Hugs Back

31 Days of Sundance features a new premiere film from the Sundance Film Festival every night at 10PM. The promo for 31 Days of Sundance features one of our favorite new bands, It Hugs Back. They’re a 4-piece from Kent, England with a new LP Inside Your Guitar. Check them out. You’ll be happy that you did.

The band consists of Matthew, Paul, Dimitri and Jack who have been making their dreamy pop creations since 2006. Their sound switches between joyous, punk-infused pop and delicate melancholia that gives their songs a textural complexity that’ll keep you listening. They come to you with their hearts in their hands, but without the preciousness that drips from too many poppy indie rock bands these days.

You can listen to their latest tracks on their MySpace page.

And you can see their music video for Workday, the song used in our promo here:

Here are some useful links to explore further:

    Right Click Here to Download the mp3 of Workday

    Right Click Here to Download an interview with It Hugs Back

    Click Here to Pre-order the Album Today

    Click Here to go to the band’s official site