Greensburg Greentown UPDATE

After months of intensive planning, Greensburg GreenTown will launch its Eco-Homes Project with Thursday’s groundbreaking for the first in the series of green demonstration homes. The event will be held Thursday, December 11 at 3:30 p.m. at the GreenTown lot located at 402 South Sycamore in Greensburg.

This home, dubbed the Silo Eco-Home, will be built using the same method and materials typically used to construct a silo. Florida-based Armour Homes has designed and will build this structure. They bring a wealth of experience and a great deal of enthusiasm for helping Greensburg come back strong.

Some of the green features of this home include passive ventilation, a green roof with a vegetable garden, a cistern for water catchment, photovoltaic cells for solar-powered electricity, natural daylighting, dual-flush toilets and other water-saving features, native species in the landscape. Additionally, the home is designed to sustain winds of 200 m.p.h., so it will be a safe home as well as a sustainable one. Once completed, the home will serve two functions: a “living science museum” by day, whereby residents and visitors can tour and learn about the various cutting-edge technologies contained within the building; it will provide lodging by night. People will be able spend the night and experience what it feels like to live in such a strong, green building, packed full of green living products, furniture, and appliances.

This home will be the first of as many as a dozen in GreenTown’s plans for fostering eco-tourism in Greensburg. It is projected to be finished by the second anniversary of the tornado in May. Eco-tourism is an important component of Greenburg’s comeback as a model green community. The Eco-Homes Project will feature a wide array of building techniques that will highlight energy efficiency and sustainability. Other homes in the project include one of straw bale construction, one designed by Greensburg native Robert McLaughlin, and the winner of the 2005 Solar Decathlon built by the University of Colorado which is being donated to the GreenTown project. It is anticipated that people from throughout the world will visit these unique homes in this most unique town.

Armour Homes is the Core Sponsor of the Silo Eco-Home. Anchor Sponsors for the overall Chain of Eco-Homes Project are: AT&T, Ogden Publications (publisher of Mother Earth News, Natural Home and eight other magazines), Evolve Showerheads, Caroma (manufacturer of innovative bathroom products, including dual-flush toilets), and Viega (manufacturer of plumbing-related products and systems).

Greensburg GreenTown is the nonprofit organization that was formed after the May 4, 2007 tornado destroyed 95% of the community. Its mission is to help spearhead the Green Initiative by providing resources and information to local residents and businesses who are rebuilding green.