Breakfast: A New Sundance Channel Animated Series

Introducing BREAKFAST, an original web series created exclusively for Sundance Channel.Com. Each of these ten animated episodes continues the saga of Greg and Christian, two incredibly ignorant film students at Manhattan Community Art College as they attempt to produce a senior thesis film.

Greg and Christian

usually found nursing hangovers at their local diner instead of on set, they are certainly not the next Coen brothers. Is the indie world really ready for these two? Watch and see for yourself.


Director, Bob Fox has been working in the NY animatio n industry since 2004, including stints on MTV’s Friday: The Animated Series and IFC’s Hopeless Pictures. In the past two years, Fox has worked as a lead animator on Nickelodeon’s The Wonder Pets and Disney’s The Little Einstein’s. In 2006, Fox directed a “green” short for the Sundance Channel with the BREAKFAST characters featured in this new comedy series. The lead characters of BREAKFAST are based on and voiced by Fox’s college roommates, Greg Parker and Christian Pindar.

Producer, Casey Safron is the founder and curator of NYC’s premiere animation festival, Animation Block Party. In recent years, Safron has produced the popular ecological-mutant Perfectland series for MTV as well as various cartoons for Comedy Central, Current TV and famed art collector, Jean Pigozzi. In addition to producing Breakfast, Safron also co-wrote the series along with Fox, Parker and Pindar. Education is also a big part of Safron’s work, as he has overseen the prestigious School of Visual Arts Animation Department since 2001.



Greg is a film student who only cares about movies with decapitations and explosions. He is socially inept, highly caffeinated and very motivated to meet girls. Somehow Greg always pulls off a 4.0 GPA even though he never goes to class. When talking to Greg, everything in life can be compared to a movie, no matter the scenario.


Christian’s opinions about nothing trump those of Greg by infinity, yet he always seems to be playing second fiddle to Greg in all their zany schemes. He is abundantly skilled at the art of BS and has a strong ability to make fun of any species, planet, soft drink or human being, particularly Greg.

Christian is like a cheap Lars Von Trier to Greg’s maniacal Michael Bay.

Watch the first episode of BREAKFAST below:

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