Virginia is for Levers

Polls just closed in Virginia, but this is not the end to what we’ll be hearing about this state. The get-out-the-vote slogan here should have been “Rock the Vote (but not too much!)” Polls were not prepared for high voter turnout in the state this election. Voting machines broke down in northern Virginia (but that’s okay, ‘cause it’s not real Virginia. [] anyway), forcing people to use back-up paper ballots and wait out in the rain for hours. Some were waiting for five to seven hours [], and even when the lines calmed down, they were still two hours long.

To prolong voting further, John McCain filed a lawsuit [] yesterday to ask the state to count military ballots from overseas until November 14.

As of now, if Virginia goes to Barack Obama, the election is over. But all the delays caused by the election chaos in the state could also delay a win.

–Jamie Wong