The Spectacle Report – Prologue

Welcome to the “Spectacle Report,” a new weekly journal that will delve deeply into the distinguished musical careers of Elvis Costello and his many guests. In these reports, we’ll explore the parallels and differences between Elvis and his guests, demystify some of the references dropped during the episodes and discuss some of the emerging themes and artists introduced on the show.

The music of SPECTACLE often crosses genres, bridging the gaps between blues, rock and roll, punk, country, jazz, opera, classical and more. Elvis deftly leads us on this amazing journey, focusing our attention on the many provocative interconnections and pivot points. What is magnified by his trademarked “spectacles” will surprise and enlighten even the most jaded music fans. We hope you’ll enjoy the added insights that we will provide here each week in the “Spectacle Report”.

Stephen Warden, SPECTACLE’s Writer, Creator and Executive Producer will share his behind the scenes experience. While Alan Light, a former Editor-in-Chief of Spin and Vibe magazines, and a former Senior Writer for Rolling Stone, will write a weekly delve into the relationship between the guest and Elvis Costello.

Check out this excerpt of Elton John talking about Frank Sinatra for a small taste of what’s to come.