The Real-Life Entourage

Top Hollywood talent agent and inspiration for Jeremy Piven’s character, Ari Gold, in the HBO series, Entourage, Ari Emanual, will no longer need big development deals to have his influence on the country’s most popular narrative. Emanual’s brother, Rahm Emanual, is going to be President-elect Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff. This will make the two Emanual brothers arguably two of the most powerful men on either coasts of the country.

Ari Emanual is well-known not only for his reputation as a notorious and successful agent at the Hollywood talent agency, Endeavor, and also for his contributions to the Democratic party. He works closely with the Weinstein brothers—other major Democrats in the industry—and is behind the careers of leftist stars such as Michael Moore.

Rahm has been a long-time colleague of Barack Obama, serving as an Illinois congressman and was former Clinton White House staffer.

Both brothers have a reputation for abrasive personalities, foul language, and unparalleled determination (obviously).

Perhaps this newest chapter in the American tale can provide Entourage, will a plot revival which it desperately needs after four years on the air.

This latest twist in the national narrative that has come about with Obama’s win will undoubtedly provide all of Hollywood—not just Endeavor—with new story ideas, characters and settings in which to tell American stories. This is a victory not only in Washington, but also in Hollywood, as underrepresented actors, untold stories and new realities have a shot at the small and large screens.

–Jamie Wong