Majora Carter's ECO HEROES: James Wells

The beginning of an ECO-HERO can often be a humble one. James Wells was looking for a job. He decided to work for the small non-profit organization Sustainable South Bronx. James started training to be a green steward for the organization; the responsibility of this particular station was to lead a team of volunteers and dedicated conservationists to care for trees in local parks. James never expected to love his job, but soon enough he became excited every morning when his alarm clock roused him for work.

James gets inspired by thinking about the health of trees. Loving your job is a luxury that few people get to experience. Choosing to make the environmental health of the planet your job in life makes James Wells an ECO-HERO.

In order to get a geographic appreciation of James Wells, make sure to check out James Wells’ Map Marker [] on Eco-mmunity Map.

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