Election Day: Just Bring It

This is where the rubber meets the road. After the dizzying drama of the last 12 months – John McCain’s campaign left for dead in the early primaries before pulling off the comeback; the epic struggle between the two historic candidacies of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – we are hours away from the thrilling conclusion. The first fusillade of early voting complete, the two armies are now fully engaged. The Republican party’s formidable 72-hour Get Out the Vote program, perfected by Karl Rove, meets Barack Obama’s highly touted ground game, set in place during that grueling primary fight, following mad scientist Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy. It’s irresistible force meets immovable object. Partisan emotions are at a fever pitch as everyone’s efforts over the last several months, if not years, come to fruition.

Oh, it’s on.

I don’t know for sure how McCain supporters are feeling today, but I hope they’re feeling good. I want them to feel good. More than that, I want them to bring it. I want to know Republicans brought their best game at this key moment in American history. I understand John McCain is not the best candidate the Republican party has ever fielded, nor is his campaign the most competent they’ve ever run. But you go to Election Day with the candidate and campaign you have, not the ones you wish you had. And it’s not like McCain and the GOP haven’t been given heavy, if repulsive, ammunition for this particular battle and been afraid to use it. An inexperienced black man with the middle name “Hussein,” palling around with terrorists, forcing people to have abortions and gay marriages, robbing from the rich to give to those shifty poor people, laughing with their elite friends at “real” Americans. And that’s fine. That’s good. Bring it. And bring the usual Election Day voter suppression too. Bring the fixed ballots, the robocalls, the racist flyers from “unknown” sources. Bring the cultural divisions, the racial mistrust and the fear of real change.

Just. Bring. It.

Because Obama supporters will. Democrats have found a once in a generation leader, a mix of intelligence, judgment and charisma that has the opportunity to not just take this country in a different direction, but change the very nature of our culture for the better. Barack Obama’s story could not be written in any other country, and there’s no small amount of pride his supporters have for that. There will be record turnout for him, like nothing anyone has seen. Because he’s Shane riding in to clean up the town. He’s the Natural. He’s Bruce frickin’ Lee. And after eight years of watching Republicans systematically lay to waste everything they touched, Democrats are as primed as they’ll ever be to take back the reins and keep us from going over the cliff. And if he loses? We can all enjoy the view on the way down. I hear it’s nice.

But regardless of the outcome, I need to know that Republicans brought their best and we brought ours. I need to know if we truly have a fatal flaw that will forever keep us from moving forward. I need to know the measure of this country, if enough people will answer the better angels of their nature. I’m going now to answer mine. If you haven’t already, what are you waiting for?

Bring it.

– Michael Turner