Voter: What's Your Type?

University of Iowa Professor and author of the book, How Voters Decide [], David Redlawsk has broken down how voters make decisions into four categories of voters: confirmative, fast & frugal, intuitive, and rational.

Confirmative: These voters vote along party lines. The look for any additional information they gather to further confirm their beliefs.

Fast and Frugal: They are looking for a quick fix, an easy way our, a way to bypass all the nitty-gritty and cut to the chase. These voters make up the smallest population among the four types. They choose a couple of issues that are important to them, such as abortion and gay marriage, and vote according to those issues only. They don’t bother looking for the nuance or larger picture of the candidate’s platforms.

Intuitive: These voters make decisions from a gut feeling. They do not feel the need to gather all the relevant information They’ll only collect information until they feel they have reached the right decision. Again, these voters are looking for the path of least resistance, using their intuition as their guide.

Rational: These voters are what people usually consider educated voters and they tend to be the most valued by politicians. They are the voters who learn everything they can about a candidate before making a decision. They appreciate information and do not rely merely on their feelings to guide them/

So which type of voter makes the decision that best befits the voter? The Rational Voter and the Intuitive Voter.

Redlawsk found that, despite conventional wisdom that the rational voter is the best, the intuitive voter has equal success in decision-making.

–Jamie Wong