Virginia is for Swingers

When Joe McCain referred to northern Virginia as “communist country” at a campaign rally for his brother, John McCain, this weekend, the crowd in Loudoun County, Va laughed. It’s funny because it’s (kinda) true.

For the first time since 1964, the state of Virginia could swing Democrat. Currently some polls show Obama with a nine-point lead over McCain in the former confederate state. Other polls show McCain leading by a three-point margin. With 30 days to go until Virginians cast their ballots, both camps are working aggressively to captures the votes in this critical new battleground state.

Winning Virginia’s 13 electoral votes is imperative for McCain, which is why both campaigns have opened up dozens of new offices throughout the state. They’re also televisions and mailboxes with more advertisements than can be found in most other states. Obama’s campaign is spending $250,000 a day on local network TV in Virginia and McCain is spending $30,000 a day.

While McCain hopes to rely on the Republican stronghold in rural Virginia and military communities in the sate, Obama faces a different challenge.

“For years, it has been socially and culturally unacceptable for white working-class males to vote for a Democrat, and I am hearing a lot of them say, ‘I’m voting for Obama,’ and that shows me there is some movement,” Democratic strategist and Virginia native, Dave “Mudcat” Saunders, told the Washington Post.

Obama won Virginia, and white men in the state, in the 2008 primaries, giving the campaign more reason to believe that he can turn the state blue again.

So, in summary, as the newest swing state in the nation, expect Virginia to host the following on November 4:

-malfunctions in the optical scan and touch-screen voting machines
-purging, caging and general discrimination at the polls
-protests, violence, streets being blocks and a hurricane of campaign foot soldiers

Welcome to the battleground, Virginia!